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Vol. 2 (1): January 2004


Environmental Information System Node on Microorganisms and Environment Management is continuously building its database and disseminating them through its's website.

Microbes are small sized and ubiquitous in nature. Because of their smaller size, they have potentially high metabolic and growth activities. Hence they are used in industrial applications, environmental clean up programmes and to cure many human diseases. However, after the well established features of modern biotechnology, microbes are widely applied in many areas including agriculture (e.g. composting, heat beds, coating of seeds with nodulating bacteria, biopesticides), biomining and bioleaching (e.g. the use of Thiobacillus for mining and fuel desulfurization), bioremediation to improve air, soil or water quality, or to clean up otherwise intractable environmental contaminants and aquaculture (elimination of toxic materials, degradation of uneaten feed and providing nutrition to shell and finfishes).

The current issue carries an article on microbial biodegradation potential of the environment. In addition, the regular features such as articles/news items in dailies/online, inhouse news and forthcoming conference events. From this issue, we provided some space for readers/microbiologists/environmentalists to publish/share their research findings/endeavors and also encouraged them to have an open discussion on the topics assigned to us through our website and newsletter. Also the node would welcome comments as well as suggestions to improve this newsletter and activities .

Prof. N. Munuswamy


Microbial Degradation Potential of the Environment

BIOREMEDIATION-Boost for bacterial batteries

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