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APCBEE Procedia
Vol. 5, 2013; Page: 557 - 561

Effect of Nutrient Source on Indigenous Biodegradation of Diesel Fuel Contaminated Soil

Rafik M. Hesnawi, Mohamed M. Adbeib

Al-Zaytoona University, Environmental Science Department-Libya.


Batch experiment was conducted to investigate the effect of carbon source on biodegradation ability of a diesel fuel contaminated soil. The contaminated soil was collected from near a surface oil tank located at ALBREGA Company sites in Libya. The initial diesel fuel concentration in the soil samples was determined to be 21,419 mg/kg of dry soil. The contaminated soil mixed either with poultry manure or urea fertilizer was applied into 50 ml microcosm jars and incubated at 37 °C for 12 weeks. After 12 weeks of treatment, the maximum TPH removal observed was 79.8% regardless of treatments applied. Soil treated with poultry manure showed 72.2% TPH removal, while soil treated with urea showed 79.8% TPH removal. The lowest TPH removal (52.4%) was observed in the control treatment. Addition of either urea or poultry to contaminate soil would considerably enhance the biodegradation rate compared to the control treatments.

Keywords: Diesel fuel contaminated soil; poultry manure; urea fertilizer; carbon source



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