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Fungal Diversity

Phylogeny and taxonomy of meristematic rock-inhabiting black fungi in the Dothideomycetes based on multi-locus phylogenies

E. Egidi, G. S. de Hoog, D. Isola, S. Onofri, W. Quaedvlieg, M. de Vries, G. J. M. Verkley, J. B. Stielow, L. Zucconi, L. Selbmann

Dipartimento di Scienze Ecologiche e Biologiche (DEB), Università degli Studi della Tuscia, Largo dell’Università snc, 01100, Viterbo, Italy.


The last decade has revealed an unexpected fungal diversity associated with natural rocks, often collected in environments influenced by harsh climatic conditions. Yet the phylogenetic affiliations and the taxonomy of many of these extreme fungi, mainly within Dothideomycetes, the largest class of Ascomycota, have only partially been described. In the present study we confirm that most rock inhabiting-fungi (RIF) are highly polyphyletic among Dothideomycetidae, mainly within the order Capnodiales, an order otherwise incorporating several families of major plant pathological importance. Novel taxa were identified within the two major and distinct clades of Teratosphaeriaceae, both comprising meristematic black fungi. Thirty one novel species and 13 new genera are proposed, based on ITS and partial nucLSU, RPB2 and BT2 sequences.

Keywords: Black yeasts; Capnodiales; Meristematic fungi; Microcolonial fungi; Phylogeny; Taxonomy



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