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Journal of Systems and Software
Vol. 174, 2020, 110881

Signal-based properties: Taxonomy and logic-based characterization

ChaimaBoufaieda, MarisJukssd,1, DomenicoBiancullia, Lionel Claude Brianda,b, YagoIsasi Parachec

Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT), University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg.


The behavior of a cyber-physical system (CPS) is usually defined in terms of the input and output signals processed by sensors and actuators. Requirements specifications of CPSs are typically expressed using signal-based temporal properties. Expressing such requirements is challenging, because of (1) the many features that can be used to characterize a signal behavior; (2) the broad variation in expressiveness of the specification languages (i.e., temporal logics) used for defining signal-based temporal properties. Thus, system and software engineers need effective guidance on selecting appropriate signal behavior types and an adequate specification language, based on the type of requirements they have to define. In this paper, we present a taxonomy of the various types of signal-based properties and provide, for each type, a comprehensive and detailed description as well as a formalization in a temporal logic. Furthermore, we review the expressiveness of state-of-the-art signal-based temporal logics in terms of the property types identified in the taxonomy. Moreover, we report on the application of our taxonomy to classify the requirements specifications of an industrial case study in the aerospace domain, in order to assess the feasibility of using the property types included in our taxonomy and the completeness of the latter.

Keywords :Signals; Signal-based properties; Temporal logic; Taxonomy.

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