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Climate Change

What should we do to protect our environment

        To successfully combat climate change, we have to switch from fossil fuels to clean energy sources. Many of these to get energy from a wide variety of clean energy technologies, such as biomass energy, carbon capture and underground storage, green vehicles, methane capture and use, wind energy, solar energy etc. are already available today, while others are still being developed and tested. Clean energy technologies like wind and solar power produce energy without burning fossil fuels. Other technologies reduce greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficiency or by capturing these gases before they can enter the atmosphere.

-  Use renewable energy sources like wind and solar power, so that we avoid the carbon dioxide emissions.

-  Use less energy: Most of the energy you use at home and at school comes from burning fossil fuels. Using less energy means burning fewer fossil fuels    and putting less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

-  Smart transportation choices can make a big impact on reducing emissions.

-  Saving water saves energy, which in turn reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

-  Most of us don't realize reducing, reusing, and recycling of wastes can help slow climate change. Reducing, reusing, and recycling means you buy (and      throw away) less stuff, and that helps reduce the amount of greenhouse gases we're adding to the atmosphere.

- Take actions to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and global climate change by planting trees, buying locally grown food, Reducing carbon    footprint, Spread awareness.






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