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Water Science and Technology
Vol. 65, No: 11, 2012, Pages: 1939 - 45

Organic biowastes blend selection for composting industrial eggshell by-product: experimental and statistical mixture design

Soares MA, Andrade SR, Martins RC, Quina MJ, Quinta-Ferreira RM

Cernas - Natural Resources, Environment and Society Research Centre, Coimbra College of Agriculture of Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra, Bencanta 3040-316 Coimbra, Portugal.


Composting is one of the technologies recommended for pre-treating industrial eggshells (ES) before its application in soils, for calcium recycling. However, due to the high inorganic content of ES, a mixture of biodegradable materials is required to assure a successful procedure. In this study, an adequate organic blend composition containing potato peel (PP), grass clippings (GC) and wheat straw (WS) was determined by applying the simplex-centroid mixture design method to achieve a desired moisture content, carbon: nitrogen ratio and free air space for effective composting of ES. A blend of 56% PP, 37% GC and 7% WS was selected and tested in a self heating reactor, where 10% (w/w) of ES was incorporated. After 29 days of reactor operation, a dry matter reduction of 46% was achieved and thermophilic temperatures were maintained during 15 days, indicating that the blend selected by statistical approach was adequate for composting of ES.

Keywords:technologies recommended for pre-treating industrial eggshells (ES) before its application in soils,potato peel (PP), grass clippings (GC) and wheat straw.


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