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Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers
Volume 137, 2022, 104235

Integration of Internet-of-Things as sustainable smart farming technology for the rearing of black soldier fly to mitigate food waste

Josiah Cheng Foong Vana, Pei En Thama, Hooi Ren Lima

Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Science and Engineering, University of Nottingham Malaysia, Jalan Broga, Semenyih, Selangor Darul Ehsan 43500, Malaysia.



Throughout the world, food wastage issues continue to plague almost every country. Multiple ideas and solutions have been conceived and are continuously being tested by scientists and government bodies to mitigate food waste management issues. Black Soldier Fly (BSF) rearing is an up-and-coming commodity because of its versatility and multi-function purposes in various fields, such as food waste management, animal feed industry and bioactive compounds industry.


This work looks at setting up an automated smart farming system to rear BSF, with the help of implementing the Internet-of-Things (IoT) into the monitoring system. It also entails a guide on a possible design of a home-based Black-Soldier-Fly smart farm, where the Internet-of-Things components such as sensors, relays, and mobile applications are showcased. Finally, the prospects and challenges that arise with Black-Soldier-Fly smart farming can be identified and discussed.

Significant findings

Important growth factors such as temperature, light and pH can be monitored remotely by Internet-of-Things technology. Through IoT implementation, the farm can be remotely controlled and growth parameters can be adjusted with ease. Hence, this would lead to the efficient production of BSF larvae for processing food waste or conversion to bioactive compounds.

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