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Vol.10 ISSUE 4 OCT - DEC 2012

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Department of Zoology, University of Madras
Chennai, India

Vol.10 ISSUE 4 OCT - DEC 2012 - ISSN-0974-1550

Dear Readers,



In our present lifestyle plastics have become an integral part. Most of our routine usage materials are made up of plastics. Due to increase usage, the plastic wastes dumped in land affects the ground water system and pollute the environment. Similarly, burning the plastics releases toxic gases like dioxin and carbon dioxide causing respiratory diseases to living beings. Further, recycling of plastic wastes reduces the quality of the plastics besides involving high expenditure. As they are non-biodegradable we have to find alternative way to reduce the pollution caused by plastics.
Moreover, microbes can produce many compounds as secondary metabolites which are important to human welfare. Scientific communities describe the compounds which mimic the plastic characteristics as polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs). Instead of using plastics we can use PHAs which are biodegradable and eco-friendly. Therefore, in recent years, there is an upsurge in the production of PHA by selected microbes which may probably reduce the usage of synthetic plastics.
In this context, this issue includes an article on Exploration of polyhydroxyalkanoates production from rhizosphere soil bacteria. Other regular features included are research reports, online reports, abstracts, e-resources and events on microorganisms.   

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Prof. N. Munuswamy

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World Fisheries Day, November 21st 2012

ENVIS Centre Team

Prof. N. Munuswamy

Dr. V. Balasubramanian
Scientist –D

Mr. T. Tamilvanan
Programme Officer

Mr. D. Siva Arun
Programme Asstt.

Mr. R. Ramesh
Data Entry Operator

Editorial Board
Prof. N. Munuswamy
Dr. V. Balasubramanian


Exploration of polyhydroxyalkanoates production from rhizosphere soil bacteria

Vijaya Abinaya. R, Balasubramanian. V, Ramesh. N, Natrajan. K and Rajeshkannan. V


Plants recognize pathogenic and beneficial microorganisms

Bacteria talk to each other and our cells in the same way, via molecules


Ancient microbes found living beneath the icy surface of Antarctic lake

Remote sensing, microbiology used to trace food-borne pathogens


A bacterium that turns toxin into gold

Chloroquine returns to take on malaria again

Abstracts of Recent Publications

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