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VOL.10 ISSUE 1 JAN - MAR 2012 - ISSN-0974-1550


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VOL.10 ISSUE 1 JAN - MAR 2012 - ISSN-0974-1550

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Happy New Year 2012!

The year 2012 is designated as the ‘International year of Marine Bio-diversity’. In connection with this, marine organisms have gained significant interest. Recently climate change, ocean acidification and marine pollution have accelerated the destruction of marine ecosystems. A series of reports from many countries indicate that a reduction in marine species resulting from destruction of marine ecosystems disrupts the balance of the global ecosystem. It also eliminates opportunities for development of bioengineering through use of marine genetic resources. Thus, life in the ocean is under serious threat.


Under these circumstances, the focus of marine biodiversity protection has to be shifted beyond the limits of national jurisdiction to include high seas and deep sea beds. The marine species outside the national jurisdiction of a country are at greater risk. In this context, countries around the world are stepping up cooperation to establish a legal mechanism for biodiversity protection and use in areas beyond the limits of national jurisdiction. Therefore Global community is under pressure to enforce laws to meet national and international commitments on sustainably to use and conserve marine biodiversity.


This issue brings articles concerned with the importance of marine ecosystem. Articles on the effect of climate change on marine microbial bio-films and the changing ocean microbe communities provide more information about the importance of the marine environment.



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Effect of global climate change on microbial biofilms

Hans-Uwe Dahms, Bong-Rae Kim and Hyung-Uk Park


Marine bacteria use light to lure plankton and fish

Viruses con bacteria into working for them


Scientists coax shy microorganisms to stand out in a crowd

Ocean microbe communities changing, but long-term environmental impact is unclear

Hearty bacteria help make case for life in the extreme


New ‘killer’ bacteria on the prowl

Abstracts of Recent Publications

Important E-resources on Microorganisms


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