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Journal of Functional Foods
Vol. 10, 2014, Pages: 210222

Enhancement of the antioxidant capacity of chickpeas by solid state fermentation with Cordyceps militaris SN-18

Yu Xiao, Guangliang Xing, Xin Rui, Wei Li, Xiaohong Chen, Mei Jiang, Mingsheng Dong

College of Food Science and Technology, Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing 210095, China.


In this study, a solid state fermentation of chickpeas with Cordyceps militaris SN-18 was performed for the first time. The effects of fermentation on chickpeas were investigated in terms of total phenolic and saponin contents, antioxidant activities, and DNA damage protection through various solvent (80% methanol, 80% ethanol, water) extracts. The results showed compared to the unfermented samples, fermented chickpea extracts had higher total phenolic and saponin contents, and greater antioxidant and DNA damage protective activities. Among various extracts examined, the methanolic extracts of fermented chickpeas showed the highest DPPH radical scavenging activities, ABTS radical scavenging activities and reducing power. Additionally, fermented chickpea extracts demonstrated significant protection against oxidative DNA damage induced by Fenton's reagent. HPLC analysis was performed for determination of the specific phenolic profile, which revealed shikmic acid, chlorogenic acid, rutin, daidzein, genistein and biochanin A were significantly increased during fermentation. Both correlation analysis and principal component analysis indicated total saponin and phenolic contents were closely related with antioxidant activities. The fermentation process with Cordyceps militaris enhanced antioxidant capacities of chickpeas and thus was considered of great potential for the food industry.

Keywords: Cordyceps militaris; Chickpeas; Antioxidant activities; Solid state fermentation; DNA damage protection; HPLC analysis.

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