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Unique Journal of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development
Vol. 1, No. 2, 2014, Pages: 024-031

Effect of fermentation on microbial load and proximate compositon of cocoyam (Colocasia esculenta Linn)

Hassan Ganiyu Foluso, Adebolu TT, Yusuf Lamidi and Onifade Anthony

Federal university of Technology Akure, Nigeria.


Cocoyam tuber samples were fermented with its natural microflora using submerged fermentation at 30°C for 72 h. The total viable counts and  proximate composition of the cocoyam were determined at specific intervals during fermentation. Microorganisms were identified during the process. Monocultural (controlled) fermentation was also carried out using some microflora isolated from naturally fermented samples. The microbial loads increased with period of fermentation. After 24  h of fermentation, the unblanched samples had the highest bacterial load between 1.65 × 107 and 1.70 × 107 cfu/ml, while that of blanched samples ranged from 1.38  ×  107 to 1.40  ×  107 cfu/ml. However, the bacterial loads of both samples decreased after 48h of fermentation. The fungal counts of blanched and unblanched samples ranged from 1.0 × 106 to 1.2 × 106 and 1.4 × 106 to 1.6 × 106 (sfu/ml) respectively after 72 h of fermentation. The protein content  of the fermented  samples   increased significantly  (p  ≤  0.05) compared to  the unfermented samples.  Protein enrichment was highest in samples fermented with  Aspergillus niger, followed by Candida albicans and Geotrichum albidum. There was also a significant increase (p ≤ 0.05) in the fat content of fermented cocoyam tuber. In addition, the increase in fat content was more prominent in monoculturally fermented sample when compared with the naturally fermented one. The content of carbohydrate, ash and  crude fibre decreased significantly (p  ≤  0.05) as a result of fermentation.

Keywords: Cocoyam tuber, submerged fermentation, total viable counts, proximate composition.

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