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Reviews in Environmental Science and Bio/Technology
12, No. 1, 2013; Pages: 45 - 60

Microbial pectinase: sources, characterization and applications

Nevadita Sharma, Madhu Rathore, Mukesh Sharma

Institute of Biotechnology and Allied Sciences, Training and Research Centre, Sikar, Rajasthan, India.


Today pectinases are upcoming industrially important bacterial enzymes. It can be produced by a variety of microorganisms. These enzymes act on pectin, which is the major component of middle lamella in plant cell wall. Pectinolytic enzymes are classified according to their mode of attack on the galacturonan part of the pectin molecules such as protopectinases, esterase’s and depolymerases. As we know that microbial enzymes work depends up on the type of enzymes application, temperature, concentration, and pH and so on, therefore, pectinase enzyme also differentiated according to their physical and chemical factors too. The biochemical structures of pectinases include members of all the major classes and the structure–function relationship, studies of a few available complexes of pectinases with substrate/analogs could be considered as prototypes for related family member and the molecular characterization of pectinolytic enzymes is also well documented. Furthermore, it provides a bird’s eye view of the possible application of these enzymes in commercial sector.

Keywords: Pectin; Pectinase; Pectinolytic bacteria; Microbial pectin



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