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Vol. 3, No: 2, 2014, Pages:

Evaluation of physicochemical properties, microbial loads and enzymes activity studies of agrochemicals on the Imo-River basin farm in Imo State Nigeria

Leo O. Egejuru, Emmanuel I. Akubugwo, Victor C. Ude, Ositadinma C. Ugbogu, and Amadike E. Ugbogu

Department of Biochemistry, Abia State University, PMB 2000, Uturu, Nigeria.


The  impact  of  agrochemicals  on  soil  physicochemical,  soil microbial  population and hydrolytic enzyme activities were evaluated at three different soil depths in the Imo River  Basin  farm  (IRBF)  and  compared with  soil  from  a  farmland  located about 200 meters away from it, which served as the control. Soil physicochemical parameters,  hydrolytic  enzyme  activities  and microbial  bioload were  determined using  standard methods.  The  results  obtained  showed  significant  reduction  (P<0.05)  in  electrical  conductivity,  moisture  content  and  cation  exchange  capacity.  Organic matter, pH, phosphate, sulphate, nitrates and potassium in the test samples increased significantly (P<0.05) compared with the control. There was a significant reduction  in  enzyme  activities  (P<0.05)  of  the  dehydrogenase,  polyphenol oxidase,  hydrogen  peroxidase,  acid  phosphatase  and  alkaline  phosphatase,  in  the test samples compared  to control  .There was also a significant  increase (P<0.05) in urease activity  in the test soil especially at the topsoil compared to control. Soil microbial types and population were significantly reduced (P<0.05) in the test soil compared  to  control.  The  result  shows  that  agricultural  activities  affects  soil properties adversely and calls for control of some agricultural practices.

Keywoards: Enzymes; bioload; soil; agrochemicals; physico-chemical parameters; microorganism.

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