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Journal of Dairy Science
Volume 104 (3), 2021, Pages 3554-3558

Short communication: Algicide activity of antimicrobial peptides compounds against Prototheca bovis

V.R.Sperotto1,2, L.B.Denardi1,3, C.Weiblen3, F.P.K.de Jesus3, M.R.Dorneles2, L.B.Ianiski3,4, J.M.Santurio1,3

Pharmacology Postgraduate Program, Federal University of Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, 97105-900.


This study evaluated the in vitro activity of antimicrobial peptides pexiganan (MSI-78), h-Lf1–11, LL-37, cecropin B, magainin-2, and fengycin B against the veterinary mastitis agent Prototheca bovis. The results showed that pexiganan, h-Lf1–11, LL-37, and cecropin B were able to inhibit the growth and had effect on algicide P. bovis isolates (n = 32). The minimum inhibitory concentration ranged from 5 to 10 µg/mL for pexiganan, and algicide effect was detected from 5 to 20 µg/mL. The minimum inhibitory concentration ranged from 10 to 80 µg/mL for h-Lf1–11, 20 to 80 µg/mL for LL-37, and 40 to 160 µg/mL for cecropin B. These findings present a promising and novel alternative for P. bovis treatment and growth control.

Keywords: protothecosis, antimicrobial peptides, h-Lf1-11, cecropin B.

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