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Volume 24, 2023, 100342

Probiotic-prebiotic therapeutic potential: A new horizon of microbial biotherapy to reduce female reproductive complications

Kavita Rania, Gurjeet Kaurb,c, Syed Azmal Alid,1

Animal Biochemistry Division, ICAR-NDRI, Karnal 132001, India.



Probiotics and associated prebiotics have emerged as a novel method for treating health issues in the last two decades. It has been shown that they can regulate the gut microbiota through different molecular mechanisms. Inappropriate lifestyle choices activate the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, resulting in immense stress. This leads to an increased incidence of patients with metabolic syndrome and an altered gut microbiota further lead to gastrointestinal dysbiosis. Microbial dysbiosis can disrupt the control and synthesis of reproductive hormones, thus leading to infertility.


In this review, we gathered information from recent studies that show how probiotics and prebiotics could help support the treatment of reproductive disorders and hormone imbalances. We discussed the biochemical effects and proposed mechanisms of action of probiotics and prebiotics that may help with infertility in humans, as well as how these functional foods could be used to treat reproductive disorders.


Probiotics could restore fertility because their metabolites trigger the release of signaling molecules that control  in intestinal epithelial cells and other organs. The review provides a collection of evidence that the use of probiotics and prebiotics could be a new horizon of microbial biotherapy to reduce female reproductive complications.hormone production


Probiotics and prebiotics may offer a new approach to treat reproductive disorders and infertility by regulating gut microbiota and restoring the control and synthesis of reproductive hormones. The potential of using these functional foods as a microbial biotherapy to alleviate female reproductive complications warrants further investigation.

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