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Microbiological Research
Volume 272, 2023, 127385

Physiological and metabolic traits of Taxol biosynthesis of endophytic fungi inhabiting plants: Plant-microbial crosstalk, and epigenetic regulators

Nabil Z. Mohamed, Lamis Shaban, Samia Safan, Ashraf S.A. El-Sayed

Enzymology and Fungal Biotechnology Lab, Botany and Microbiology Department, Faculty of Science, Zagazig University, Zagazig 44519, Egypt.


Attenuating the Taxol productivity of fungi with the subculturing and storage under axenic conditions is the challenge that halts the feasibility of fungi to be an industrial platform for Taxol production. This successive weakening of Taxol productivity by fungi could be attributed to the epigenetic down-regulation and molecular silencing of most of the gene clusters encoding Taxol biosynthetic enzymes. Thus, exploring the epigenetic regulating mechanisms controlling the molecular machinery of Taxol biosynthesis could be an alternative prospective technology to conquer the lower accessibility of Taxol by the potent fungi. The current review focuses on discussing the different molecular approaches, epigenetic regulators, transcriptional factors, metabolic manipulators, microbial communications and microbial cross-talking approaches on restoring and enhancing the Taxol biosynthetic potency of fungi to be industrial platform for Taxol production.

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