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Food and Chemical Toxicology
Volume 116, 2018, Pages 25-31

Omics based approach for biodiscovery of microbial natural products in antibiotic resistance era

R.M.Subasinghea, A.D.Samarajeewaa, M.Meiera, G.Colemanb, H.Clouthierb, J.Crosthwaitb, A.F.Tayabalib, R.Scrogginsa, P.S.Shwedb, L.A.Beaudettea

Biological Assessment and Standardization Section, Environment and Climate Change Canada, 335 River Road, Ottawa, Ontario K1V 1C7, Canada.


Microbial based cleaning products (MBCPs) are a new generation of cleaning products that are gaining greater use in household, institutional, and industrial settings. Little is known about the exact microbial composition of these products because they are not identified in detail on product labels and formulations are often proprietary. To gain a better understanding of their microbial and fungal composition towards risk assessment, the cultivable microorganisms and rDNA was surveyed for microbial content in five different MBCPs manufactured and sold in North America. Individual bacterial and fungal colonies were identified by ribosequencing and fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) gas chromatography. Metagenomic DNA (mDNA) corresponding to each of the products was subjected to amplification and short read sequencing of seven of the variable regions of the bacterial 16S ribosomal DNA. Taken together, the cultivable microorganism and rDNA survey analyses showed that three of the products were simple mixtures of Bacillus species. The two other products featured a mixture of cultivable fungi with Bacilli, and by rDNA survey analysis, they featured greater microbial complexity. This study improves our understanding of the microbial composition of several MBCPs towards a more comprehensive risk assessment.

Keywords: Microbial based cleaning products, Next generation sequencing, 16S rDNA gene sequencing, Fatty acid methyl ester phenotyping, Metagenomic DNA, 16S rDNA survey analysis.

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