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Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering
Vol. 5 (1), 2017, Pages: 1021–1026

Effect of organic loading rate on electricity generating potential of upflow anaerobic microbial fuel cell treating surgical cotton industry wastewater

K. Tamilarasan, J. Rajesh Banu, C. Jayashree, K.N. Yogalakshmi, K. Gokulakrishnan

Department of Civil Engineering, Regional centre of Anna University, Tirunelveli, India.


In this study, the performance of continuous fed upflow anaerobic microbial fuel cell operated with surgical cotton industry wastewater was investigated at different Organic Loading Rate (OLR). The potency of power generation, COD and TSS removal efficiency was determined. The highest TCOD and SCOD removal of 78.8% and 69%, respectively was accomplished at an optimum OLR of 1.9 gCOD/L d. A 62% TSS removal efficiency was obtained, with an initial TSS concentration of wastewater as 970 ± 70 mg/L. The maximum power density 116.03 mW/m2 (2.2 W/m3) and corresponding coulombic efficiency of 17.8% was achieved at the OLR of 1.9 gCOD/L/d while treating surgical cotton industry waste water.

Keywords: Surgical cotton industry; Microbial fuel cells; Wastewater; Coulombic efficiency.

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