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Comprehensive Gut Microbiota
2022, Pages 25-38

Early Life Microbiota—Impact of Delivery Mode and Infant Feeding

Runze Ouyanga,b, Katri Korpelac, Xinyu Liua, Guowang Xua, Willem M. de Vosc,d, Petia Kovatcheva-Datcharye

CAS Key Laboratory of Separation Science for Analytical Chemistry, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dalian, China.


The microbial community that reside in or pass through our intestine is known as gut microbiota. The birth of a baby is not only a start of a new human life, but also a start of a whole new microbial ecosystem. The assembly of the gut microbiota begins at birth with colonization by microbes from the biosphere. Environmental factors drive the assembly of the gut microbiota in early life and have been linked to health outcomes later in life. This article will describe the impact of delivery mode and infant feeding on the establishment, development and maturation of the infant gut microbiota.

Keywords: Breast feeding, C-section, Delivery mode, Formula feeding, Gut microbiota, Natural delivery, Newborn.

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