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Nanomaterials for Biocatalysis
2022, 595-621

Microbial exo-polygalacturonase—a versatile enzyme with multiindustrial applications

Faiza Amin1, Syeda Anam Asad1, Muhammad Bilal2

Department of Chemistry, Government College Women University, Faisalabad, Pakistan.


Pectinolytic enzymes belonging to the hydrolases class of enzymes are one of the enzymes of central importance in biotechnology with approximately 25% global contribution in the food and beverage enzyme industry. They possess the most prominent position among all the commercially produced industrial biocatalysts. These biocatalysts are an indispensable part of sustainable environment as well as an environmentally friendly tool of nature with broad application perspective in many industrial procedures, such as retting and degumming of plant fibers, fermentation of tea and coffee, oil extraction, clarification of fruit juices and wine, valorization of industrial wastes, debasement of cellulosic biomass for biofuel production, wastewater remediation, desizing, scouring and bleaching of fabric, animal feed production, and protoplast fusion technology, etc. Similar to many other industrial-grade enzymes, pectinases also face the limitation of low production yield and productivity in its economized production. Therefore pectinases have been the subject of studies aiming to achieve high production levels on a profitable commercial scale. Natural sources of pectinases are frequently preferred because of ease of extraction and production, so pectinases extracted from microbial cultures are employed more frequently at commercial scale frequently owing to their ease of production and unique physicochemical properties. This chapter mainly emphasizes the production of pectinase enzymes along with a brief overview of different types of recent tactics and plans used for the optimization of various production mediums to get overexpression/production and as well as its application in various industrial sectors.

Keywords: Pectinases, exo-polygalacturonase, production, fermentation techniques, enzyme applications, fruit juice clarification, Hyper-production, Optimization strategies, Enzyme technology.

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