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Journal of Molecular Structure
Volume 1255, 2022, 132419

Emerging strategies for microbial screening of novel chemotherapeutics

Nidhi Srivastavaa,b, Indira P. Sarethyb, Jaison Jeevanandamc, Michael Danquahd

Research and Development Department, Decode DNA Pvt. Ltd., 16/2 Ashok Nagar, New Delhi, 110018A, India.


Enhanced antimicrobial drug resistance, virulence, pathogenicity, contagiousness, and lifestyle-associated factors have led to various health-related syndromes. These syndromes require the urgent intervention of new chemotherapeutic agents as it can lead to significant mortality among different age groups of the global population. Recent advancements in the screening methodologies for microbial culture selection have contributed considerably to the field of drug development, since microbial sources continue to provide the best skeletons for natural product-based drugs. Several culture-based conventional microbial screening and high-throughput metagenomic sequencing approaches have provided the platform for the discovery of numerous novel microbes and their products from various niche habitats. However, various underexplored habitats required further investigation for the identification of novel microbial- and chemo-diversity and to discover new drug molecules. New bioprospection strategies, such as harvesting of products from rare microbes, have also contributed to the field of new drug discovery programs. Similarly, advancements in molecular metabolite fingerprinting techniques associated with databases and bioinformatic pipelines and software have played a pivotal role in microbial screening for drug discovery. This article provides an overview of various screening approaches to identify new microorganisms, metabolite fingerprinting techniques, and novel chemotherapeutics derived from microbial sources. Additionally, recent computational approaches for high-throughput screening of microbes to discover novel chemotherapeutics are discussed.

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