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Journal of Bioscience and Bioengineering
Vol. 120 (2)
, 2015, Pages: 135–139

Coating-type three-dimensional acetate-driven microbial fuel cells

Jin Yu, Yulan Tang

School of Municipal and Environmental Engineering, Shenyang Jianzhu University, 9 Hunnan East Road, Hunnan New District, Shenyang, Liaoning, 110168, China.


This study uses sodium acetate as fuel to construct bioelectricity in coating-type three-dimensional microbial fuel cells anode. The coating-type three-dimensional anode was constructed using iron net as structural support, adhering a layer of carbon felt as primary coating and using carbon powder and 30% PTFE solution mixture as coating. The efficiency of electricity production and wastewater treatment were analyzed for the three-dimensional acetate-fed (C2H3NaO2) microbial fuel cells with the various ratio of the coating mixture. The results showed that the efficiency of electricity production was significantly improved when using the homemade coating-type microbial fuel cells anode compared with the one without coating on the iron net, which the apparent internal resistance was decreased by 59.4% and the maximum power density was increased by 1.5 times. It was found the electricity production was greatly influenced by the ratio of the carbon powder and PTFE in the coating. The electricity production was the highest with apparent internal resistance of 190 Ω, and maximum power density of 5189.4 mW m-3 when 750 mg of carbon powder and 10 ml of PTFE (i.e., ratio 75:1) was used in the coating. With the efficiency of electricity production, wide distribution and low cost of the raw materials, the homemade acetate-fed microbial fuel cells provides a valuable reference to the development of the composition microbial fuel cell anode production.

Keywords: Microbial fuel cells; Three-dimensional anode; Coating anode; Electricity production; Wastewater; Carbon felt.

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