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Soil Biology and Biochemistry
Vol. 83, 2015, Pages: 84–87

Impact of quality and quantity of biochar and hydrochar on soil Collembola and growth of spring wheat

Katharina Reibe, Klaus-Peter Götz, Christina-Luise Roß, Thomas F. Döring, Frank Ellmer, Liliane Ruess

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Albrecht Daniel Thaer-Institute of Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences, Department of Crop Science, Albrecht-Thaer-Weg 5, D-14195 Berlin, Germany.


The effects of biochar (maize biochar – MBC, wood biochar – WBC) and unfermented or fermented hydrochar (HTC) on the euedaphic Collembola Protaphorura fimata and on spring wheat were investigated in greenhouse experiments. The impact of char type, amount of fermented HTC, and MBC-Collembola interactions were assessed. Generally, shoot and root biomass as well as abundance of P. fimata were not affected by the different chars. However, with increasing amounts of fermented HTC the abundance of P. fimata declined, whereas shoot biomass of wheat increased. Moreover, MBC altered root morphology and resulted in thicker roots with higher volume. The latter was not apparent when Collembola were present.

Keywords: Biochar; Hydrochar; Fermentation; Collembola; Root morphology.

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