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Journal of South China Agricultural University
Vol. 35, No. 1, 20
14; Pages: 49 54

Effects of inoculant of photosynthetic bacteria on tomato quality, soil fertility and soil microbial characteristics

Yang Fang; Tian JunLing; Yang PanPan; Feng Hong; He GuangSheng; Chen XuDong; Lu YuSheng; Tan ZhiYuan; Peng GuiXiang


Objective: To verify the effect of high efficient photosynthetic bacterial inoculant on tomato quality and effects on soil fertility. Method: Three treatments and one control, three repeats, a total of 12 random field trials were designed. Effects of photosynthetic bacterial inoculant on tomato quality, soil fertility and soil microbial characteristics were studied by field trial. Result and conclusion: The results showed that significant increases were observed in the height and diameter, the fresh mass and dry mass of tomato plant, the content of chlorophyll, lycopene and vitamin C, but there were no remarkable effects on sugar of tomato fruit with photosynthetic bacterial inoculant. Photosynthetic bacterial inoculant reduced pH of soil tending to be neutral. Available potassium in the soil significantly reduced, while available phosphorus significantly increased. There were only slight effects on organic matter and available nitrogen in the soil. Photosynthetic bacterial inoculant could strengthen soil basal respiration and affect the number of the main microorganisms in the soil, which was presented by the number of fungi in the soil, while the number of bacteria and actinomyces in the soil increased evidently. As an environmental-friendly fertilizer, this study confirms the promise of photosynthetic bacterial inoculants on crop production and soil fertilization.


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