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Microbiome Under Changing Climate
2022, 437-468

Effect of climate change and soil dynamics on soil microbes and fertility of soil

C.R. Vanisree1, Prashant Singh2, Ekta B. Jadhav3, Malavika S. Nair4

Department of Forensic Science, Sage University, Indore, India.


Soil microbes play a significant role to maintain the soil’s health. They are involved in various phenomena such as nutrient cycling and bioremediation to enhance its fertility, nutrient content, disease management, and reduce the existence of toxic pollutants present in the soil. The presence and functionality of microorganisms in soil ultimately promote agricultural crop production as well as maintain environmental wellness. In recent decades, climate-changing conditions on earth are affecting the functionality of soil microbiomes. The global change pressures like elevated temperatures, precipitation, and CO2 emissions are affecting the soil dynamics and consequently the soil–microbe interactions. This chapter focuses on the role of microbiomes for soil health management, the consequences of climatic change on soil microbes and fertility, and soil–microbiome interactions. Furthermore, the chapter also discusses climate change microbiology, technologies to understand their dynamics and enhance climate change resistance in microbes.

Keywords: Soil, microbes, climate, environment.

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