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Procedia Environmental Sciences
Vol. 31, 2016, Pages: 280 287

Solubi lization of Pu -239 in low - level radioactive contaminated soil by the addition of microbi al leaching solution of Acidithiobacillus ferooxidans

Shibin Yuan, Xirui Lu, Xueli Mao

Key Subject Laboratory of National Defense for Radioactive Waste and Environmental Security, Southwest University of Science an d Technology, Mianyang 621010, P. R. China.


Researches on microbial solubilization of traces of ra dionuclide plutonium in contaminated soil with Acdithiobacillus ferooxidans were conducted. When A. ferooxidans was cultured in medium containing sulfur and iron, 92.93% of the Pu - 239 in solu tion was removed during bioleaching. In addition, the changes of pH value, concentrations of Fe2+, Pu - 239, organic matter, ni trogen and phosphorus were periodically analyzed. The results showed that bioleaching af fected th e combination forms of Pu - 239 existing in the soil. The percentage of Pu - 239 exits in exchangeable state increased sig nificantly because the carbona te state, i ron and m anganese oxidation state and residual state tran sformed into exchangeable state during bioleaching. At the same time, th e percentage of organic state kept steadily. The change s of form into exchangeable state which can improve the leaching rate effectively . T he results showed that the bioleaching process can be used to remove Pu - 239 from contaminated soil.


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