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Journal of Environmental Radioactivity
Vol. 84, No: , 2005, Pages:

On monitoring anthropogenic airborne uraniumconcentrations and 235U/238U isotopic ratio by Lichen-bio-indicator technique

A.V. Golubeva,*, V.N. Golubevaa, N.G. Krylov a, V.F. Kuznetsova a, S.V. Mavrin a, A.Yu. Aleinikov a, W.G. Hoppesb , K.A. Suranob

Russian Federal Nuclear Center e VNIIEF, 607188, pr. Mira, 37 Sarov, Nizhni Novgorod region,
Russian Federation, Russia.


Lichens are widely used to assess the atmospheric pollution by heavy metals and radionuclides. However, few studies are available in publications on using lichens to qualitatively assess the atmospheric pollution levels. The paper presents research results applying epiphytic lichens as bio-monitors of quantitative atmospheric contamination with uranium. The observations were conducted during 2.5 years in the natural environment. Two experimental sites were used: one in the vicinity of a uranium contamination source, the other one e at a sufficient distance away to represent the background conditions. Air and lichens were sampled at both sites monthly. Epiphytic lichens Hypogimnia physodes were used as bioindicators. Lichen samples were taken from various trees at about 1.5 m from the ground. Air was sampled with filters at sampling stations. The uranium content in lichen and air samples as well as isotopic mass ratios 235U/238U were measured by mass-spectrometer technique after uranium pre-extraction. Measured content of uranium were 1.45 mg kg-1 in lichen at 2.09E- 04 gm-3 in air and 0.106 mg kg-1 in lichen at 1.13E-05 gm-3 in air.

Keywords:Atmosphere; Bio-monitor; Contamination; Lichens; Radionuclides; Uranium.

Corresponding author: Tel.:C7 831 30 45129; fax: C7 831 30 45569.

E-mail:avg@dc.vniief.ru (A.V. Golubev).


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