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Microorganisms for Sustainable Environment and Health
2020, Pages 17-36

Microbes mediated approaches for environmental waste management

Sujata Mani1, Pankaj Chowdhary2, Surabhi Zainith2

Department of Biochemistry, Gramin Science (Vocational) College, Vishnupuri, Nanded, Maharashtra, India.


Microorganisms serve as an affirmative role in making humans’ life much better and easier by maintaining numerous natural as well as man-made singularities in the environment. One of the most important areas where microbes give their best results is in the management of waste. Nowadays, the most challenging undertaking that environmental agencies and government face is the proper discarding of the waste generated from different human activities. The most successful way of contending with this waste disposable hazard is through the use of microbes including bacteria, fungi, algae, etc. Thus this chapter deals with the various eco-friendly processes through which the hazardous wastes that are generated from different sources, such as municipal waste, industrial waste, medical waste, radioactive waste, etc., which are harmful for the environment and humans, can be managed efficiently. This chapter also deals with the characteristics and classifications of the waste generated in the ecosystem and the various types of management techniques. This chapter also shows the most specific and efficient ways of using microorganisms through bioremediation, bioaugumentation, etc., for the management of waste.

Keywords:Hazardous waste; municipal; industrial; radioactive; management; microorganisms; bioremediation; bioaugumentation.

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