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Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety
Vol. 125, 2016, Pages: 12–21

Electro-kinetic remediation coupled with phytoremediation to remove lead, arsenic and cesium from contaminated paddy soil

Xinyu Mao, Fengxiang X. Han, Xiaohou Shao, Kai Guo, Jacqueline McComb, Zikri Arslan, Zhanyu Zhang

College of Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering, Hohai University, Nanjing 210098 China.


The objectives of this study were to investigate distribution and solubility of Pb, Cs and As in soils under electrokinetic field and examine the processes of coupled electrokinetic phytoremediation of polluted soils. The elevated bioavailability and bioaccumulation of Pb, As and Cs in paddy soil under an electro-kinetic field (EKF) were studied. The results show that the EKF treatment is effective on lowering soil pH to around 1.5 near the anode which is beneficial for the dissolution of metal(loid)s, thus increasing their overall solubility. The acidification in the anode soil efficiently increased the water soluble (SOL) and exchangeable (EXC) Pb, As and Cs, implying enhanced solubility and elevated overall potential bioavailability in the anode region while lower solubility in the cathode areas. Bioaccumulations of Pb, As and Cs were largely determined by the nature of elements, loading levels and EKF treatment. The native Pb in soil usually is not bioavailable. However, EKF treatment tends to transfer Pb to the SOL and EXC fractions improving the phytoextraction efficiency. Similarly, EKF transferred more EXC As and Cs to the SOL fraction significantly increasing their bioaccumulation in plant roots and shoots. Pb and As were accumulated more in plant roots than in shoots while Cs was accumulated more in shoots due to its similarity of chemical properties to potassium. Indian mustard, spinach and cabbage are good accumulators for Cs. Translocation of Pb, As and Cs from plant roots to shoots were enhanced by EKF. However, this study indicated the overall low phytoextraction efficiency of these plants.

Keywords: Metal(loid); Mobility; Bioavailability; Bioaccumulation; Electro-kinetic remediation; Phytoremediation.

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