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Contamination of Water
2021, 85-98

Contamination of water resources in industrial zones

Gyanendra Tripathi1, Arbab Husain2, Suhail Ahmad1, Ziaul Hasan3, Alvina Farooqui1


Department of Bioengineering, Integral University, Lucknow, India.


Freshwater is a natural valuable resource and can be easily contaminated. The level of the extent of contamination results in it being considered as “polluted.” Increased industrialization and urbanization have stressed water resources; this ultimately results in the contamination of the clean water. In low lying areas dumping of industrial waste increases water contamination chances because of the high rate of percolation through the soil. Contaminants can reach the water resources both by underground and surface waters, by the emission of solid, liquid, or gaseous particulate from different industries. The wastewater discharged from industries may contain contaminants like organic or inorganic matter, highly acidic or basic dyes, heavy metals, and pathogenic bacteria. When these toxic contaminants reach the water resources and contaminate them, it results in the loss of the chemical oxygen demand and biological oxygen demand of water. Many chemical, biological, and physical methods have been designed for the treatment of the contaminated water. Bioremediation of contaminates by algae, fungi, and bacteria is found to be a promising technique. Contaminated water is of great concern for the plants, human, and aquatic organisms. In this chapter we will study the major industrial contaminates, their source, effects, and remediation techniques present in water resources.

Keywords: Contamination, industrialization, urbanization, wastewater discharge, chemical oxygen demand, biological oxygen demand.

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