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Materials Today Chemistry
Volume 23, 2022, 100737

Thermally stable deep-red emitting Sr2GdTaO6:Mn4+ double perovskites for indoor plant growth LEDs

B. Hana, X. Yanga, J. Rena

School of Physics and Optoelectronic Engineering, Harbin Engineering University, Harbin, PR China.


Indoor artificial cultivation of plants is a novel technology applied to agriculture, and the emission band of luminescent materials can be matched with the needs of plants to promote plant growth. In this contribution, novel Mn4+ doped Sr2GdTaO6 (SGTO) deep-red phosphor was synthesized. This material was characterized, in detail, by X-ray diffractometer, SEM, and photoluminescence emission spectra. Sr2GdTaO6:Mn4+ (SGTO:Mn4+) can be effectively excited by near-ultraviolet (NUV) light, and the broadband emission of deep-red light matches the absorption band of plant phytochromes PR and PFR. The optimum doping concentration of Mn4+ in SGTO was 0.6 mol%, and the concentration quenching mechanism was attributed to dipole-quadrupole (d-q) electric interaction. The photoluminescence emission intensity of SGTO:0.006Mn4+ at 423 K is 80.6% of that at room temperature and the internal quantum efficiency of SGTO:0.006Mn4+ is 36.09%. Finally, the performance of the commercial 440 nm light-emitting diode chip/SGTO:0.006Mn4+ encapsulated light-emitting diode device was stable and can meet the needs of plants for the blue and red light. The results showed that SGTO:0.006Mn4+ deep-red phosphor is expected to be a phosphor suitable for indoor plant growth lighting.

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