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Issues in Biological Sciences and Pharmaceutical Research
Vol. 2,
No. 1, 2014; Page: 001 - 007

Antimicrobial activity of essential oils extracted from medicinal plants against the pathogenic microorganisms: A review

Mohd Sayeed Akthar, Birhanu Degaga, Tanweer Azam

Department of Biology, College of Natural Sciences, Jimma University, Jimma 378, Ethiopia.


Essential oils are complex volatile compounds, naturally synthesized by various parts of the plant during the secondary metabolism of plants. A wide range plants having the medicinal properties have been explored and used for the extraction of essential oils worldwide due to their antimicrobial properties against the bacterial, fungal and viral pathogens. The presence of a large number of alkaloids, phenols, terpenes derivatives compounds and other antimicrobial compounds makes the essential oils more précised in their mode action against the ample variety of pathogenic microorganisms. Thus, the essential oils could be used as better supplements or alternatives against the pathogenic microorganisms. The aim of this review article is to focus on the antimicrobial activities of essential oils secreted by medicinal plants and the mechanisms involved in the inhibition of these pathogenic microorganisms.

Keywords: Antimicrobial property, bacterial cell wall, pathogenic microorganisms, volatile oils



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