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International Journal of Hydrogen Energy
Volume 47 (15), 2022, Pages 9477-9483

Pd (II) decorated conductive two-dimensional chromium-pyrazine metal-organic framework for rapid detection of hydrogen

Marilyn Esclance DMelloa,b, Ramesh Chandra Sahooc, Rajamani Raghunathand, H.S.S. Ramakrishna Mattec

Materials Science and Catalysis Division, Poornaprajna Institute of Scientific Research, Bengaluru, 562 164, India.


The utilization of H2 for versatile application has demanded highly selective, low cost and rapid hydrogen sensors that are proficient in sensing H2 near flammability limit. In this report, CrIIICl2(pyrazine)2 MOF with negatively charged pyrazine linkers in its structure is used for the stabilization of Pd (II) via charge transfer interactions. This material design turned an innocent MOF into selective hydrogen sensor that can respond (through decrease in resistance under dynamic sensing setup) to H2 in 5–7 s with a detection range of 0.25%–1% H2 concentration. A correlation of H2 sensing characteristics and the structure-property relationship is established using density functional theory (DFT) calculations. The calculations suggested that near fermi level in PdII@CrPy, the bandwidth increases upon interaction with H2 thereby the phase space for electron delocalization increases leading to better carrier mobility. This new approach not only yields novel sensing properties but also enables limited usage of precious metal to develop cost-effective sensors.

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