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Journal of environmental biology / Academy of Environmental Biology, India
Vol. 31, No: 5, 2010, Pages: 709 - 14

Impact of rhizobacteria on growth and chromium accumulation in Scirpus lacustris L. grown under chromium supplementation

Singh NK, Rai UN, Singh M, Tripathi RD

Ecotoxicology and Bioremediation Group, National Botanical Research Institute, Lucknow - 226 001, India.


Four chromate tolerant rhizobacterial strains viz., RZB-01, RZB-02, RZB-03 and RZB-04 were isolated from rhizosphere of Scirpus lacustris collected from Cr-contaminated area. These strains characterized at morphological and biochemical levels. The most efficient chromate tolerant strain RZB-03 was inoculated to fresh plant of S. lacustris and grown in 2 microg ml(-1) and 5 microg ml(-1) of Cr+6 supplemented nutrient solution under controlled laboratory condition. The effects of rhizobacterial inoculation on growth and chromium accumulation in S. lacustris were evaluated. The inoculation of rhizobacteria increased biomass by 59 and 104%, while total chlorophyll content by 1.76 and 15.3% and protein content increased by 23 and 138% under 2 microg ml(-1) and 5 microg ml(-1) concentrations of Cr+6, respectively after 14 d as compared to non-inoculated plant. Similarly, the Cr accumulation also increased by 97 and 75% in shoot and 114 and 68% in root of inoculated plants as compared to non inoculated plants at 2 microg ml(-1) and 5 microg ml(-1) Cr+6 concentrations, respectively after 14 d. The chromate tolerant rhizobacteria which play an important role in chromium uptake and growth promotion in plant may be useful in development of microbes assisted phytoremediation system for decontamination of chromium polluted sites.

Keywords:morphological and biochemical levels,chromate tolerant rhizobacteria,decontamination of chromium polluted sites.



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