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Advances in Dairy Microbial Products
2022, Pages 145-161

Pathogenic microorganisms in milk: their source, hazardous role and identification

Sujata1, Kashyap Kumar Dubey2, Tilak Raj3

Department of Biological Sciences & Bioengineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India.


Milk is considered as the complete food for humans since birth, as it contains good sensory properties and almost all nutrients which are required for the growth of the body. Milk is also considered to prevent or reduce the risks of many nutritional deficiency-associated disorders. Dairy products contain a significant amount of nutrients, such as sugars, proteins, fat, and minerals, which are considered good sources to support the growth of microorganisms and some of the foodborne pathogens. The presence of microorganisms in milk and milk products is a matter of global concern. As the production, processing, and consumption of dairy products is continuously increasing and such type of advancement in the dairy industry is anticipated to persist in the future. The quality of milk and dairy products is affected by the presence of pathogenic microorganisms which are possibly transferred into milk through the source animal, during improper milking, storage, or processing which lead to microbial spoilage of milk. The consumption of contaminated dairy products may be responsible for diseases ranging from indigestion to more serious clinical conditions (e.g., diarrhea, fever, vomiting, etc.). The presence of different types of microorganisms may potentially affect the nutritional qualities of the product and in turn, cause significant economic losses. Many types of microorganisms have been found in milk such as AeromonasCampylobacter jejuni, Escherichia coli, Salmonella, and viruses, which are associated with clinical complications. In this chapter, we will discuss the types of microorganism’s presence in milk, their clinical and economic significance, and detection methods.

Keywords: Milk, dairy products, foodborne pathogen, dairy microorganisms, detection of microorganisms.

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