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Food Packaging and Preservation
2018, Pages 409-438

Natural Antimicrobial Agents for Food Biopreservation

Mohd Yusuf

YMD College, Maharshi Dayanand University, Nuh, Haryana, India.


Recently the chemical food preservatives that have been conventionally used in the food industry to prevent the spoilage caused by pathogenic microorganisms have been under review due to their adverse effects and due to environmental concerns. Biopreservation is the use of naturally derived antimicrobial agents endowed with high antimicrobial potential to preserve food and beverages, thus extending their shelf lives. Several studies have examined and reported on promising natural antimicrobial agents, such as natamycin, nisin, pediocin, reuterin, bacteriocins, lactoferrins, lysozymes, and essential oils. This chapter covers antimicrobial compounds that are derived and isolated naturally from various sources, including microorganisms, animals, and plant extracts and essential oils.

Keywords: biopreservation, antimicrobials, nisin, essential oils, natamycin.

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