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Analytical Biochemistry
Vol. 446, 20
14; Page: 90 - 95

Effect of temperature on biofilm formation by Antarctic marine bacteria in a microfluidic device

Heon-Ho Jeong, Seong-Geun Jeong, Aeri Park, Sung-Chan Jang, Soon Gyu Hong, Chang-Soo Lee

Department of Chemical Engineering, Chungnam National University, Yuseong-gu, Deajeon 305-764, Republic of Korea.


Polar biofilms have become an increasingly popular biological issue because new materials and phenotypes have been discovered in microorganisms in the polar region. Various environmental factors affect the functionality and adaptation of microorganisms. Because the polar region represents an extremely cold environment, polar microorganisms have a functionality different from that of normal microorganisms. Thus, determining the effective temperature for the development of polar biofilms is crucial. Here, we present a simple, novel one-pot assay for analysis of the effect of temperature on formation of Antarctic bacterial biofilm using a microfluidic system where continuous temperature gradients are generated. We find that a specific range of temperature is required for the growth of biofilms. Thus, this microfluidic approach provides precise information regarding the effective temperature for polar biofilm development with a new high-throughput screening format.

Keywords: Antarctic marine bacteria; Biofilm; Temperature gradient; Microfluidic device; Cryobiology

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