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Marine Pollution Bulletin
Vol. xx, No: xx, 2012, Pages: xxx - xxx

Biodegradation of crude oil using an efficient microbial consortium in a simulated marine environment

Bao MT, Wang LN, Sun PY, Cao LX, Zou J, Li YM

Key Laboratory of Marine Chemistry Theory and Technology, Ministry of Education, Ocean University of China, Shandong, Qingdao 266100, China.


Ochrobactrum sp. N1, Brevibacillus parabrevis N2, B. parabrevis N3 and B. parabrevis N4 were selected when preparing a mixed bacterial consortium based on the efficiency of crude oil utilization. A crude oil degradation rate of the N-series microbial consortium reached upwards of 79% at a temperature of 25C in a 3.0% NaCl solution in the shake flask trial. In the mesocosm experiment, a specially designed device was used to simulate the marine environment. The internal tank size was 1.5m (L)0.8m (W)0.7m (H). The microbial growth conditions, nutrient utilization and environmental factors were thoroughly investigated. Over 51.1% of the crude oil was effectively removed from the simulated water body. The escalation process (from flask trials to the mesocosm experiment), which sought to represent removal under conditions more similar to the field, proved the high efficiency of using N-series bacteria in crude oil degradation.

Keywords:Ochrobactrum sp. N1, Brevibacillus parabrevis N2, B,crude oil degradation rate of the N-series microbial consortium,crude oil degradation.


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