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Health issues

Conjunctivitis (Madras Eye)

   Conjunctivitis (Commonly called as ‘Madras eye’) is a common viral infection, which spreads rapidly from one person to another. It spreads like an epidemic due to carelessness on the part of the person who suffers from it and the people around. 

   Though some people say that Madras eye can spread by merely being in a room with a person whose eyes are affected by the condition, this is  not true. Conjunctivitis spreads through secretions from the eye. Thus, a person affected with Conjunctivitis can pass on the infective virus or bacteria to another person or object that comes in to contact with the secretion. 

   Thus, the spread of conjunctivitis can be prevented by adopting simple methods to maintain hygiene. The changes in recent weather with the advent of the cold season coupled with rain have resulted in a large number of cases in South India. Here are some tips that you could follow to prevent spreading it, if you already suffer from the condition. 


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