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Results in Chemistry
Volume 5, 2023, 100844

Kinetic and thermodynamic study of ALP enzyme in the presence and absence MWCNTs and Pt-NPs nanocomposites

Mohammed faiad naiefa, Ahmed Mishaal Mohammedb, Yousif H. Khalafc

Basic Science Section, College of Agricultural Engineering Science, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq.


In this study, nanocomposite materials including multi-wall carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) coated with platinum nanoparticles (Pt-NPs) were synthesized. The formation of Pt-NPs using green chemistry method and MWCNTs from waste synthetic oil was characterized using TEM, FESEM, AFM, and FTIR techniques. The diameter of prepared Pt-NPs and MWCNTs was in the different ranges of nanometer 26.80–44.66 nm and 56.49–89.38 nm respectively. Raman and EDX techniques were employed to confirm MWCNT-COOPt and MWCNT-Pt formation. ALP dephosphorylates various natural substrates, and high levels of alkaline phosphatase are linked to a variety of diseases, including dynamic bone disease, hepatitis, and prostate cancer. This study aims to determine the kinetic and thermodynamic parameters of ALP enzyme in the presence/ or absence of nano materials unlike Pt-NPs. The Vmax value of ALP without NPs was 0.931 × 10-3 mol mL−1 min−1, while in the presence of nanomaterials, the Vmax had values of 1.207 × 10-3, 1.145 × 10-3, 1.249 × 10-3, and 0.975 × 10-3 mol mL−1 min−1, the Km value was decreased with increasing of NPs concentration in the Pt NPs. Km values were 0.118, 0.106, 0.191, and 0.098, and the Vmax/Km ratio were 10.20, 10.74, 6.51, and 9.86 min−1 at 80 mg/mL of MWCNT-Pt, MWCNT-COOPt, MWCNT-COO, and Pt-NPs respectively. The results revealed that the kinetic parameters (Vmax, Km, and Vmax/Km) and thermodynamic parameters (ΔH*, ΔE, ΔS* and ΔG*) were slightly increased as the concentration of MWCNT-based nanomaterials increased. This effect might be due to changes in enzyme configuration following immobilization.

Keywords: MWCNTs, Pt-NPs, Kinetic, Thermodynamic, Nanocomposites.

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