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Journal of Environmental Management
Volume 210, 2018, Pages 10-22

Future Prospectives for Enzyme Technologies in the Food Industry

Hita Rastogi, Sugandha Bhatia

Department of Biotechnology, Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar, India.


In the burgeoning food biotechnology industries oriented from food manufacturing to food processing, from commercial packaging to food preservation, the utilization of enzymes is imperative in improving food structuring qualities. Enzyme technologies have been completely revolutionized with the recent novel trends in biotechnology applications to meet the new and changing needs of the food industry. There is a huge inclination toward innovation in enzyme discovery and the designing of tailored enzymes to make them apt for food industrial applications. The use of enzyme informatics and advanced high throughput technologies is at an interface to enhance the compatibility of these biotransformers in the catalyst reactions. A recent enzyme informatics tool can facilitate the designing of the enzymatic structure. Also, its computational dynamic simulations can direct the kinetic and energetic course of its mechanism. Enzyme informatics can also plays an unprecedented role in mutant library design preparations and other screening platforms but its implementation in core molecular biology techniques are always time-consuming. This chapter will focus on novel frontiers in enzyme technologies that have attributed diverse functional characteristics to these biocatalysts.

Keywords: Enzyme technologies, Food industry, Flavor enhancers, Biocatalysts, Enzyme informatics.

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