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Climate Change

           For more than 100 years ago, people around the world are burning large amounts of fossile fuesl such as coal, oil, and natural gas to power their domestic and industrial use. Burning fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide (CO2), a heat-trapping gas, into the atmosphere, which is the main reason for the climate change. Heat-trapping gases are also called 'Greenhouse gases'. They exist naturally in the atmosphere, where they help keep the Earth warm enough for plants and animals to live. But people are adding extra greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. These extra gases are causing the Earth to get warmer, setting off all sorts of other changes around the world—on land, in the oceans, and in the atmosphere. And these changes affect people, plants, and animals in many ways.


Know about Climate Change

  Green House

  The Signs of Climate Change

  Changing Rain and Snow Patterns

 The Greenhouse Effect

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