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Current Research in Green and Sustainable Chemistry
Volume 4, 2021, 100128

Integration of microalgal bioremediation and biofuel production: A ‘clean up’ strategy with potential for sustainable energy resources

Manisha Nandaa, Bhavna Chanda, Sunaina Kharayata, Tripti Bishta, Nisha Nautiyala, Sandhya Deshwalb, Vinod Kumarc,d

Department of Biotechnology, Dolphin (PG) Institute of Biomedical & Natural Sciences, Dehradun, 248007, India.


Oleaginous microalgae are being used extensively worldwide for the development of integrated sustainable environment technologies. Microalgae can be used to remove environmental pollutants and simultaneous extraction of biofuels from the same culture. Microalgae have also evolved different intracellular and extracellular mechanisms to resist the toxic effects of different environmental pollutants that stimulate lipid accumulation. The advancements in microalgae omics with the use of recent tools like H1NMR spectroscopy, GC-MS, FTIR spectroscopy, ICP-MS, LC-MS can provide deep insights towards understanding the various underlying mechanisms to resist environmental stresses. They are a promising candidate towards Green Bioremediation and Biofuel production.

Keywords: Microalgae, Lipidomics, Algomics, Biofuel, Bioremediation.

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