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2020, 128723

Bioremediation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons contaminated soil under the superimposed electric field condition

Meng Zhanga,b, Bo Wua,b, Penghong Guoc, Sa Wanga,b, Shuhai Guoa,b

Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenyang, 110016, China.


An innovative superimposed electric field (SEF) was designed with the aim to achieve uniform removal of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in soil. Also the influence of SEF on the bioremediation efficiency of PAHs was investigated in compared with the common electric field (CEF). Five experiments were conducted in this study, namely EK-CEF (applied CEF), EKB-CEF (CEF enhanced bioremediation), EK-SEF (applied SEF), EKB-SEF (SEF enhanced bioremediation), and Bio (bioremediation). The results indicated that electric field with periodically reversed polarity could effectively prevent the occurrence of large changes in soil pH, temperature, and electric current. The electric field intensity of SEF was concentrated in the range of 0.51.5 V/cm, and the difference between the maximum and minimum PAHs removal percentage in EK-SEF was just 5.4%, in comparison to 14.8% in EK-CEF. The bioremediation promoting effect did not show significant difference between SEF and CEF. Compared to Bio, the removal percentages of the 5-ring and 6-ring PAHs attributed to the degrading bacteria were much higher in EKB-SEF and EKB-CEF. Moreover, the microbial number increased with the distance away from electrodes, and the microbial community changed correspondingly. All these would be resulted in differences removal efficiencies among different PAHs components. Despite its intrinsic advantages, the influence of SEF on soil physicochemical and biological properties needs further study.

Keywords: Superimposed electric field; Electro-bioremediation; Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons; Uniform removal; Strengthening effect.

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