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Bioresource Technology
Volume 253, 2018, Pages: 343-354

Recent advances and strategies in process and strain engineering for the production of butyric acid by microbial fermentation

Hongzhen Luo, Rongling Yang, Yuping Zhao, Zhaoyu Wang, Zheng Liu, Mengyu Huang, Qingwei Zeng

School of Life Science and Food Engineering, Huaiyin Institute of Technology, Huaian 223003, China.


Butyric acid is an important platform chemical, which is widely used in the fields of food, pharmaceutical, energy, etc. Microbial fermentation as an alternative approach for butyric acid production is attracting great attention as it is an environmentally friendly bioprocessing. However, traditional fermentative butyric acid production is still not economically competitive compared to chemical synthesis route, due to the low titer, low productivity, and high production cost. Therefore, reduction of butyric acid production cost by utilization of alternative inexpensive feedstock, and improvement of butyric acid production and productivity has become an important target. Recently, several advanced strategies have been developed for enhanced butyric acid production, including bioprocess techniques and metabolic engineering methods. This review provides an overview of advances and strategies in process and strain engineering for butyric acid production by microbial fermentation. Additionally, future perspectives on improvement of butyric acid production are also proposed.

Keywords: Butyric acid, Microbial fermentation, Process engineering, Metabolic engineering, Clostridium tyrobutyricum.

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