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Bioresource Technology
Volume 347, 2022, 126678

Periodic oxygen supplementation drives efficient metabolism for enhancing valuable bioresource production in photosynthetic bacteria wastewater treatment

Haifeng Lua,b, Shichao Hea,b.1, Guangming Zhangc, Fengzheng Gaod, Ruihan Zhaoa,b

College of Water Resource and Civil Engineering, China Agricultural University, Beijing 100083, China.


Periodic oxygen supplementation (A-O) strategy was proposed to improve pollutant removal and enhance bioresource production of photosynthetic bacteria (PSB). The A-O strategy obtained higher COD (91.4%) and NH4+-N (78.6%) removal compared with the non-oxygen supplementation (N-O) strategy, which was similar to the continuous oxygen supplementation (C-O) strategy. A-O strategy achieved the highest biomass concentration of 1338.5 mg/L. Bacteriochlorophyll and carotenoids concentration in the A-O strategy were 24.9–31.1% and 15.1–23.7% higher than those in the other two strategies; coenzyme Q10 concentration and content were 52.5% and 21.3% higher than that in the N-O strategy. The metabolomic analysis showed that the A-O strategy enhanced the tricarboxylic acid cycle after fumaric acid formation and β-alanine metabolism, then caused higher biomass accumulation. The A-O strategy reduced the inhibition of photophosphorylation by oxidative-phosphorylation and maintained both characteristics. Hence, A-O might be an economic strategy for enhancing pollutant removal and bioresource production in PSB-based wastewater treatment.

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