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Bioresource Technology
Volume 370, 2023, 128583

Bioprocess development to enhance biomass and lutein production from Chlorella sorokiniana Kh12

Akash Pralhad Vadralea,1, Cheng-Di Donga,b,1, Dibyajyoti Haldarc

Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology, College of Hydrosphere, National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology, Kaohsiung City 81157, Taiwan.


Present study focused on optimizing bioprocess condition for microalgal lutein production. From previous baseline yields of biomass (3.46 g/L) and lutein (13.7 mg/g), this study examined few key parameters. The 3X:3X ratio macro- and micronutrients was the most affecting parameter with highest biomass and lutein yields of 4.61 g/L and 14.3 mg/g. Temperature 30°C enhanced the lutein up to 17.3 mg/g but reduced the biomass to 3 g/L. The light effects study showed 10 k lux was most effective for lutein up to 14 mg/g, and effect of increasing salinity (25–75 %) was detrimental. All the above parameters' optimization resulted in a lipid content of 22.5–26.5 %. A maximum lutein productivity and yield of 0.451 mg/L/d and 65.74 mg/L with a 3X:3X macro- and micronutrient ratio was achieved. The Chlorella sorokiniana Kh12 strain exhibited one of the highest yields among recent reports; hence it could be a source for commercial lutein production.

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