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xx, No. 58, 2010; Pages: 21 - 32

Pectolytic bacteria associated with soft rot of dieffenbachia (Dieffenbachia maculata)

Mikicinīski, A.; Pulawska, J.; Sobiczewski, P.; Orlikowski, L. B.


On dieffenbachia potted plants growing in a greenhouse in central Poland, beige water soaked as well as necrotic lesions located at the base of shoots and on the leaves near the main vein were observed. Bacteria producing either circular, convex, flat, white-grey or orange colonies were isolated from the border of diseased and apparently healthy tissue. Three isolates showed pectolytic activity, but none of them induced HR on tobacco leaves. Pathogenicity tests indicated that isolates DLO1.1 and 2DLO2.3 caused symptoms on 37.5% of tested dieffenbachia leaf petiole segments whereas DLO2.2 on 18.7% of such segments. Bacteria of the same colony morphology were re-isolated from diseased tissue of artificially inoculated leaves. On the basis of phenotypic characterization and phylogenetic analysis of 16S rRNA gene sequence, isolate DLO1.1 was found to be closely related to Bacillus pumilus, 2DLO2.3 to Flavobacterium defluvii and F. johnsoniae group and DLO2.2 to Chryseobacterium vrystaatense.




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