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Biocontrol Agents and Secondary Metabolites
2021, 659-675

Regulatory requirement for commercialization of biocontrol agents

A.B.Vedamurthya, S.L. Varshaa, S.D. Shruthib

P.G. Department of Studies in Microbiology and Biotechnology, Karnatak University, Dharwad, Karnataka, India.


In today’s scenario of agricultural production, usage of biocontrol agents is a must. These biocontrol agents should be naturally occurring from living organisms which act on pathogens of plants or animals. They have various advantages over chemical pesticides as they are environmentally friendly and have less side effects. The most common form of biocontrol agents which are in wider use is bacteria belonging to Bacillus and Pseudomonas sp. They might be either plant growth promoting organisms which colonize in the root and enhance metabolic activity, or inhibit phytopathogens by their antagonistic effects. The fungus also exhibits its pathogenicity on other organisms either through direct antagonism or through synthesizing antibiotic substance and creating competition among the host and invader. This requirement becomes a necessity to produce more biocontrol agents to control a wide variety of plant pathogens as also insect pests in a biological way. Once investigated, certain measures are to be taken for the efficient use of biocontrol agents in terms of regularization and commercialization of them. In addition, it is mandatory to assess the toxicology of the agents and steps should be taken toward proper preservation methods and large-scale production strategies. In future, chances are that bioagents would completely and definitely replace the use of chemicals.

Keywords: Biocontrol agents, Microflora, Microorganisms, Baculovirus, Lepidopteran.

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