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Biological Control
Volume 128, 2019, Pages 31-39

Recent development of aflatoxin contamination biocontrol in agricultural products

Silivano E.Mwakinyalia,b,d, Xiaoxia Dinga,b,c, Zhang Minga,b,d, Wang Tonga,b,d, QiZhanga,b,d, PeiwuLia,b,c,d,e

Oil Crops Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Wuhan 430062, PR China.


Aflatoxins are toxic, carcinogenic, mutagenic, teratogenic and immunotoxic by products of Aspergillus spp. that contaminate a broad range of grains such as maize, groundnut, and cotton. Aflatoxin not only impact negatively crop production but renders the produce unsuitable for consumption and harmful to human and livestock health, with tight threshold limits of acceptability. To prevent and control aflatoxin contamination in crops, several control strategies like biological control, development of resistant cultivar and fungicides have extensively studied for the past many years recommended to prevent aflatoxin contamination. Out of these control strategies, biological control of aflatoxin has in recent years showed more promising in both pre and post-harvest crops, since it is efficient in eliminating toxins, safe-guarding the quality of food and feed, environmental friendly, specific and leaves less hazardous residues. It is suggested in this review that, control from farm to folk which includes on-site monitoring of toxigenic fungi, aflatoxin contamination levels, preventing contamination by inhibiting fungal growth and aflatoxin producing fungi, removing and degradation of aflatoxin should be followed to minimize agricultural products contamination with aflatoxin, with all actors informed and engaged. This review also highlights the modes of biocontrol action, point out some organisms used for biological control, types and formulations of biocontrol, mechanism involved in biocontrol and the effects of biocontrol agents and main applications.

Keywords: Aflatoxin, Biocontrol, Contamination,Degradation, Inhibition biosynthesis.

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